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Helpful Tips

Be Comfortable

Wear shoes that are already broken in. Clothes that "feel good". Please wear shorts ONLY in resort areas. Coat and tie are generally not needed, unless in larger city and when you choose to eat in gourmet restaurants.

Pack Light

Packing and unpacking can be a real chore. Most people take too many clothes. Take enough changes with the same skirt or slacks is a good idea.

Check the Altitude

The altitude will influence the temperature and will help you prepare your wardrobe.

Ask for Help

Montezuma's Revenge, that age old stomach problem that attacks travelers in many countries, doesn't just go away!! One of the reasons that all of .....OK TOURS!!! trips are escorted is because we want to be there when you need us. If you need help, please call us. Remember, DO NOT WAIT UNTIL MORNING!!! If you need towels, the TV repaired, please call hotel's front desk or OK's representative who is traveling with you.


Please do not change medication just before a trip nor while on a trip. If you must change a medication, do so with plenty of anticipation, like at least six weeks. Also... please take your medications as they have been described. Do not cheat and leave off your water pills because you would rather not use the bathroom on the bus.

Drink Less

...Alcohol, that is! Alcohol may effect you more quickly while traveling especially if you are at higher altitudes. If you drink, do so in moderation. However, you need lots of water. Some countries have suffered a drought just as we have in the Rio Grande Valley. Because of this, the chemical changes may be stronger. Please drink bottled water, which is easily available throughout Mexico


Here are some general guidelines taken from National Tour Surveys as well as some general advice from ...OK TOURS!!! Remember that tipping is a personal way of saying thanks for a job well done. Collection should be made, tipping should be done individually and to the person who performed the service. Remember to tip in Mexico as you would in the U.S.. Good service deserves some recognition.

Waiters and Waitresses

Tip the customary 10% to 20 % of the check depending on the service.

Tour Conductor

Your tour conductor is highly skilled and knowledgeable. He will be with you the entire tour. ....OK TOURS!!! suggest that you tip him a minimum of $1.00 per person per day in U.S. currency or equivalent.

Bus Driver

Your bus driver is a professional and takes great pride in his unit. He will be with you the entire tour and he carries a great responsibility.....your safety!! ....OK TOURS!!! feel the driver is just as important as the Tour Conductor and suggest $1.00 per person per day in U.S. currency or equivalent.


Expensive jewelry is better at home especially if you are going to be constantly worrying about it or if it is irreplaceable.


Take one, carry a light one in a Ziploc bag. Some hotels do not furnish washcloths.

Money! It Helps

The most often asked question is "How much money do I need?" In each country, and even within the country prices will vary. When paying cash, the currency of that country should be used. We highly recommend that you exchange your U.S. dollars to pesos before joining your tour group in Mexico. Most places will honor a major credit card.

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